Yoga Without Borders, Marcis Panis, Marcusstraat 46-52, 1091TK, Amsterdam:        
Monday          19.45 - 21.30   open class level 1 & 2 beginner         
Tuesday         20.15 - 21.45   open class all levels - intermediate / advanced
Friday             10.30 - 12.00   open class yoga 55+ Amsterdam / yoga 55 plus                
           Yoga Zonder Grenzen, Culemborg:              
donderdag    18.15-19.30    open les niveau 1 & 2 / beginner &  middel gevorderd        
onderdag     19.45-21.30    open les niveau 2 & 3 / middel gevorderd & gevorderd    

amsterdam yoga"an integrated yoga class is a meditative experience"
Observing the body, observing the breath and observing the mind with a fine awareness which witnesses the completeness of the present moment.

The classical yoga includes regulation of the breath
(pranayama) and steady postures (asana), practised with a focused,
concentrated state of mind. The practices calm the nervous system, while mindfulness is the core focus throughout the yoga session.

"all levels / open"
class is based on 12 hatha yoga postures and variations, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Individual attention and variations are provided for students of all levels.  Classes are offered on a 10-class-pass basis or drop-by basis. If you are coming for the first time or a trial class, please contact by phone or e-mail prior to the class.      hatha yoga lessons in the Sivananda tradition. Mindfulness and meditation within each yoga session                  
10 class pass (valid for 3 months): �125 (join at anytime)
 single class/'drop-in' basis �15,50
first time trial class �10,-

Registration / Information: Fiona Rose 06 - 417 66 555                 

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