Insight into the nature of mind, insight beyond name and form, reaches into a realm where borders do not exist.

We are drawn to practicing meditation for its positive effects upon our health and happiness. The practice will gradually help us to let go of the borders and definitions which limit our vision and experience of the world. The goal of the practice is to gain insight into our true nature, discover the nature of mind. The complete realisation of this nature is the fruit of such insight, it is the state of enlightenment.  With correct effort, right understanding, and a sincere dedication to the discipline, a positive transformation takes place in your being. Yoga and Buddhism are a science of life - they are practical approaches.

There are a great many classical spiritual traditions, which preserve, evolve and transmit treasures of knowledge, enabling a way of discovery towards positive transformation. These traditions differ in their philosophies and approach, and differ in their instructions for practice. This diversity is a welcome and encouraging climate, for study, reflection, enquiry, analysis and discovery. All the great meditation masters point out that we cannot reach deep insight through dry intellectual understanding. The expression of philosphy relies upon language and words, which are relative. The sincere aspirant is non-sectarian, sincerely exploring the guidance of teachings, exploring the knowledge of great masters, yet experiencing self-reliance through personal insight and understanding, self effort, reflection, meditation.       

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